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1:1 UXR Career Chat with Aona

Below is a list of my signature 1:1 or group coaching services. Click on each card to see my rates and learn more about my offerings. 


If you are looking to book a coaching session but see no visible future availabilities, that means I am at coaching capacity. Please email me at to join my waitlist. Thank you for your support!


Craft compelling and rigorous UXR case study presentation strategies.

UXR Small Group Q&A

Monthly 45-mins small group Q&A session with no more than 20 participants per session. 


30 or 60 mins 1:1 coaching session to chat about all things UXR craft, UXR career growth and development. 

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The old saying goes, no two leaves are alike. So does being a UX researcher. Over the years I have met and worked with dozens of talented UX researchers who came from various cultural, educational and professional background. I myself transitioned to UX research with a Bachelor's degree in Performance Art and a Master's degree in Public Relations, and have done research in disparate industries such as utilities, air transportation, SaaS, travel and hospitality, etc. I truly appreciate the versatility of this career path - it welcomes and embraces the uniqueness your past experience can bring.


This also shaped my belief of "no cookie-cutter curriculum" in UX research coaching - I always personalize career growth plans and interview preparation strategies for each one of my students, especially those who came from a non-HCI background. I specialize in helping my students find transferable skills from their previous experience to build upon. We shall aim to amplify our past, not throw away.  

I'm passionate about helping you succeed! Questions? Email me or book a small group chat with me using the link above. Thank you for your trust! 

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